Young Adults Class: Lesson Studies

Spring 2022 Study:
"God of Deliverance/God of Freedom"

A study of God through the book of Exodus.
Last fall, we examined aspects of God's character as seen through the book of Genesis, looking at His creation of the world ("God of Creation") and continued relationship with humanity through the Patriarchs ("God of Covenant"). Now, as we move through winter and into spring, we're continuing the story and study of God's character through the book of Exodus:
"God of Deliverance" looks at God's rescue of Israel from the land of Egypt, raising up Moses to lead His people from slavery to freedom.
"God of Freedom" examines God teaching His newly-liberated children what their freedom truly means: lives consecrated to God and to one another.

"God of Deliverance" (Exodus 1-18)
No longer under the protection of their forefather Joseph, the children of Israel have become slaves to the Egyptians. But God raises up a deliverer to lead His people to freedom so that they can worship Him. Exodus is the birth narrative of a nation unmistakably guided by the Great Deliverer. Through this study, we will see that Israel’s story is also our story: the same God who delivered Israel also delivers those He loves from slavery, sin, and service to the "pharaohs" of this world.

"God of Freedom" (Exodus 19-40)
Having rescued Israel out of Egypt, God now shepherds His newly-liberated children into an understanding of what freedom really means: lives consecrated for service to God and to one another. Through this study, we will revisit familiar scenes like the giving of the Ten Commandments, the idolatrous worship of a golden calf, and the intricate details of the building of the tabernacle. And with fresh perspective, we will ask what these stories teach God's children today about how to live as those set free.