Registration Begins: April 15, 2024
Registration Ends: July 28, 2024

KPAC (Kid’s Performing Arts Camp)

August 4-9       Cost: $75 per camper

Designed for kids who are entering grades two through eight, KPAC is a high-energy, kid-oriented performing arts day camp (9:00am to 3:00pm during the week, with a 7:00pm performance Friday night). Music, acting, stage movement and dance are combined with Bible study, hands-on instruction, plenty of laughter, and hard work to create an awesome week of challenge, encouragement and growth. Kids learn Biblical principles for making solid life choices as they enjoy a great week in the performing arts!

From up-tempo, energetic music to strong melodic ballads, the music helps build strong foundations for truth. Singing, acting, and dancing to music brings lyrics to life, helping kids to remember and internalize truths learned.

Theatre Games
Drama games are an important part of our program and are used as building blocks. They teach performance skills, build confidence, fuel friendships, enable the kids to grow as an ensemble and help release the imagination to get the creative juices flowing. Kids have a blast!

Acting and Stage Movement
What kid hasn’t reenacted some funny moment in slow motion, or used exaggerated movements to liven up a story? Or who hasn’t started to dance when a favorite song is played (when no one is looking, maybe)? It’s as natural as it is fun! Acting, choreographed movement, and dance are great teaching tools as well.

Bible Lessons
Creative and interactive Bible studies prepared on a kid’s level lay the foundations for helping kids understand the Biblical truths they are exploring throughout the week. Concepts are reinforced through artistic expression; practical applications help kids think about everyday life choices.

In addition to the Biblical truths and encouragement kids receive at camp, these are some of the things they can learn through acting training they will build on for a lifetime...
  • Confidence
  • Focus and concentration
  • Learning to listen actively
  • Looking people in the eye when they talk to them
  • Gaining a deeper respect for their peers and elders
  • Learning to think on their feet – Improvisation
  • Increased ability to interview well
  • Communication with friends
  • Getting in touch with how they are feeling
  • Speech articulation and enunciation


What does a day at camp look like?
KPAC runs from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday - Thursday. Friday it is 9:00am to 2:00pm with a 7:00pm performance Friday night.
Kids usually arrive 10-15 minutes before camp begins and are greeted by camp staff. They take care of things like lunch kits, nametags, and any other details related to the day’s activities.
At 9:00 they enter the auditorium for an opening session that includes a time of physical warm-ups, and basic instructions for what will be happening that day.
Classes include role-playing, theatre games, script learning, vocal music, choreography, creative movement, and Bible study. Kids are divided into age graded classes and things are kept moving at a brisk pace to match the children’s energy.
Lunchtime arrives at 11:30 and everyone heads to the lunch area to relax and enjoy a meal together. The afternoon involves more classes, larger ensemble work, and a well-placed snack time.
The camp ends at 3:00. The kids have a full day, and they will be tired. A good nights sleep is important so that they are ready for each new day of camp.
On Friday we run an abbreviated schedule, ending the day at 2:00 to give the kids an opportunity to rest before the evening performance. Stage call is at 6:30 for the 7:00 performance.
The performances are always fun but the thrust of the camp is the daily activities. Learning Biblical truth in the context of skill developing, imaginative, and interactive activities is the heart of Kids Performing Arts Camp.

What Happens on Sunday Afternoon?
Sign-in begins at 2:30 PM, and the session goes from 3:00-5:00 PM. This is a fun and important introduction to the week. For the kpac team, it is where the camp planning process begins in earnest!  The orientation gives the team an opportunity to meet the kids and see them in action. This guides the team as they identify and map out any modifications needed to the basic production plan. It is very important that every student attend the Sunday afternoon orientation.

What Should Kids Wear to Camp?
Comfortable clothing — children will be involved in movement activities throughout the day. Sneakers and socks are required footwear. Shirts should fully cover student’s belly when arms are extended above their heads.

What About Food?
Kids are to bring a packed lunch Monday – Friday. Refrigeration is available but no heating of lunches is provided. There is also an afternoon snack provided by the camp each day. Kids should also bring a water bottle.

What is Performance Attire for the Friday Night Show?
The kpac t-shirt, jeans and sneakers (non blinking). Additional items may be required for some small groups. That information will be communicated as needed.

When Are Solo Auditions Held?
Monday afternoon, 3:15 – 4:30 PM. If your child is interested in auditioning for a solo, please sign-up at the solo-audition table Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.

Will There Be Extra Rehearsals My Child Will Need to Attend?
Children who are selected to sing a solo will rehearse after camp on Tuesday. Several performance groups may need to rehearse one afternoon after camp as well. Extra rehearsals are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All extra rehearsals end by 4:30 PM.

Can We Invite Guests to the Friday Night Show?
The performance on Friday evening is the culmination of an exciting week. We encourage you to invite family and friends to attend this special event!

What is the Cancellation/Refund Policy?
Full refund is available up to one month before the start of camp.
A 50% refund is available up to the registration deadline.
No refund after the registration deadline (1 week before camp begins)