YouVersion Bible Group Devotionals

The plans are prescheduled already so you can join them all now. That way you will be ready and they will start on the advertised dates.

January 3-5

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Have you ever been tempted to think the work of God in your life appears to be more destructive than constructive? In this plan, we will look at how God’s sanctifying work in our lives is a controlled and loving demolition of the old in order to make way for the new.

January 8-22

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No matter how we feel about a new year, it can offer a fresh start. Maybe God has something for you in this season. Maybe the Holy Spirit might be pointing something out for you. We all want to live for what truly matters, and maybe God can use this year’s fresh start to help us point our lives more in that direction. 

January 23-February 26

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A devotional designed to help students grow in their faith and stay connected to God, one step at a time. In this devotional, you’ll find wisdom to walk with God daily, growing in faith as you learn and grow, step by step. 

February 27-March 6

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What does it mean to be a Christian? What are the core beliefs or attributes that will mark the life of someone who follows Jesus? This 9-Day reading plan will walk through the basics of Belief, Grace, and Love, hopefully providing some clarity and encouragement as you continue to grow as a Christian.