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Too many links!!! We had so many links that our link page was getting very long. That is why we now have grouped our links into the categories shown below.  Click on any of the category titles to see the links inside.  Each category contains several related links.

Southern Baptist Links

As the title says, this page contains links to both official and unofficial sites of the Southern Baptist Convention and associated agencies. If you want to know more about Southern Baptists, both locally and nationally, this is the page to check out.

Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania and South Jersey (176)

Our own state convention organization now has a web site too. Find out about other Southern Baptist churches in Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.

SBCNet (166)

The Southern Baptist Convention Network (SBCNet) has a presence on the Internet.

Lifeway Christian Resources (151)

This is the web site for SBC publishing centers and church ministry support. This site provides information on "How to Become a Christian," "Touching Lives," and many other topics.

International Mission Board (171)

The International Mission Board coordinates our global gospel outreach. There are several ways in which to be personally involved in foreign missions. Prayer is one. There are many more listed here.

North American Mission Board (138)

The North American Mission Board oversees church planing and cooperative ministries in the U.S. and Canada. Learn about the expanded mission of this organization. See what new and exciting things they are doing today in "home missions."

The Baptist Faith and Message (186)

The history and full text of the Baptist Faith and Message are available for reading on-line. This document has changed over the years, but still provides a clear statement of the believes of Southern Baptist.

Women's Missionary Union (157)

Find out about the exciting changes taking place in the WMU.

Baptist Center for Ethics (168)

This website keeps you abreast of important issues facing the Christian community and provides resources for ethical decision making.

Baptist Press News (170)

The Baptist Press, formed at the suggestion of state paper editors, and supported with Cooperative Program funds, Baptist Press (BP) has been the daily national news service of Southern Baptists since 1946. BP circulates to 40 state Baptist newspapers with a combined readership of 1.16 million and has a central bureau in Nashville, Tenn., as well as four active bureaus in Richmond, Va., Atlanta, LifeWay Christian Resources, and Washington. BP News -- witness the difference! Covering the critical issues that shape your life, work and ministry.

Devotions, Bible Studies and Sunday School Links

Do you want to add some prayer time to your daily schedule? Are you looking for guides to help you learn more about God's Word? There are several sources for both daily devotions and bible study on this links page. For both Sunday School teachers and students this page also contains links to aids for preparing for Sunday School.

Official Promise Keepers Web Site (204)

Promise Keepers (PK) is a Christian outreach to men. Through stadium conferences, educational seminars, resource materials, and local churches, PK encourages men to live godly lives and to keep seven basic promises of commitment to God, their families, and fellow man. Promise Keepers seeks to unite Christian men of all races, denominations, ages, cultures, and socioeconomic groups, believing that accountable relationships among men are critical in helping one another become promise keepers in their relationships with God, their wives, their children, and each other.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (183)

Spiritual help and Christian discipleship are but two concerns addressed in this informative site.  It is the Internet home for the greatest evangelist of our generation.

Campus Crusade for Christ (194)

Practical help for witnessing, daily devotionals, and prayer guides are found on this web site.  The Four Spiritual Laws can be accessed in a hundred different languages.

Sunday School Lessons (178)

Need help in preparing to teach a Sunday School lesson?  Or just want to learn a few questions to test the knowledge of your Sunday School teacher?  No matter what lesson series your class is using, you will find helpful information here.  It will help you, student or teacher, prepare for class.  Or if you cannot make it to Sunday School, use this site to enhance the study of your lesson.  Life and Work series lessons information is available too.

The Upper Room (175)

The Upper Room is an interdenominational, international, interracial fellowship committed to personal spiritual formation and renewal of the church of Jesus Christ. At the heart of the ministries of The Upper Room is The Upper Room daily devotional guide. Since the first printing of The Upper Room in 1935, circulation has grown from 100,000 to nearly 3 million copies worldwide, in 66 editions and 44 languages. This daily devotional is now available on the World Wide Web, and an eMail version will be coming soon.

The WWW Bible Gateway (177)

Got a Bible verse that is stuck in the back of your mind, but can't remember where it is in the Bible?  Want to know what the Bible says on some topic?  The Bible Gateway provides many ways to search a variety of Bible translations.  See what you can find in the Bible today.

Youth Only!

WARNING! If you are not a middle school or high school student, stay away from this links page -- NOT! On this page you will find links to both sites that students consider "Cool" as well as some sites that will show the good things that today's Christian youth are doing.

YOUTHlinks! from Peggie's Place! (191)

Watch out!  Peggie has sooooo many links to Cool Sites for Youth that you will be surfin' for days.  Try to find the Surfin' Brothers 'n' Sisters.

Dawson McAllister Live! Home Page (179)

Every Adult Fully Aware.....
Every Student Receiving Care....
Providing America's students and teenagers whatever they need
to become healthy citizens in the Kingdom of God

Angel Tree - Help Needy Children (156)

All too often, the forgotten victims of crime are the little children of inmates, who are left without a father or mother -- through no fault of their own
We all pay the price for this: the evidence is clear that children with a parent in prison are six times more likely to end up in prison themselves someday
Now you can join Angel Tree, a ministry of Prison Fellowship, and help break this cycle of crime by sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the children of inmates.
Many needy kids have no one to look to for help but someone like you.

Read the Bible in One Year

Growing in our knowledge of the Bible, which is God's love letter and instruction manual to mankind, is vital if we are to mature in our Christ-like character. At the beginning of every year, the congregation is challenged to use a "Read-Through-the-Bible" in a year program for their daily devotions. Many in the congregation actively participate in this worthwhile endeavor. But, you do not have to wait until January to start to read through the Bible in one year. You can start at any time of the year. Here are several web-sites that can help you with your goal.

Back to the Bible (160)

Bible in a Year from (179)

Bible in a Year via email (155)

SBC Bible Pathway Bible Reading Program (169)

Odds 'n' Ends

You guessed it. This is the page that contains links that did not seem to fit on any of the other pages. Your favorite new Christian web page may be just a click away.

Christian Answers Network (165)

Are there answers to your questions about Christianity? Various respected Christian ministries join together to tackle tough questions about: Marriage & Family, Archaeology & the Bible, Christian Theology, Creation & Evolution, Government & Social Issues, Religion & Cults, and much more. Thought-provoking, educational, and attractive - a Web site designed for the entire family.

Christianity Today (162)

Visit the new home page! Formerly, this redesigned site features daily updates for all of the Christianity Today publications and special interest areas, chat rooms and message boards for everyone, as well as completely new channels for Christian parents and fans of Christian music. Be sure to explore the new!

Willow Creek Association (189)

Evangelical churches on the cutting edge of Kingdom growth join this association with the goal of reaching irreligious people and turning them into fully devoted followers of Christ.

Christian Computing ONLINE (162)

Yes, the computer does have a place in Christian ministry.  Learn about some of the tools available for your own Bible study at home, or for use in your Church office.  Tips for parents on kids and the Internet too.

Associated Baptist Press Online (195)

This site contains full-length news stories from Associated Baptist Press. ABP is an independent, national news service dedicated to providing credible and reliable news for and about Baptists.

Christian Financial Concepts (165)

Founded by Larry Burkett in 1976, Christian Financial Concepts is committed to teaching God's people biblical principles of money management and stewardship, one of the most critical needs in our churches and our society today. We are stewards (managers) not only of our material possessions, but  also of our talents, gifts, and time. Take a moment and browse through this site and discover how CFC, now merged with Crown Financial Ministries, can make a difference now for you, your family, your church and community, and our nation.

Prison Fellowship Ministries (177)

Prison Fellowship Ministries is a nonprofit, volunteer-reliant organization focused on one overriding vision: that all those involved in and directly impacted by crime will experience the grace and peace of Jesus Christ.  PFM's mission is to exhort, assist, and equip the church in its ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims, and their families, and in its advancement of biblical standards of justice.  To accomplish that mission, PF recruits, trains, and mobilizes volunteers from a variety of denominations and backgrounds to participate in a wide range of in-prison and community programs.

TransWorld Radio (160)

Some places are hard to get to for missionaries.  Some people, such as gypsies, are hard to minister to also.  But Trans World Radio can reach these people, and has been for nearly fifty years.  Find out how they do it, and how you can help.  Listen to some of their broadcasts over the Internet too.

Reverend Fun (157)

Need a little laughter in your day.  Try this link for the cartoon of the day.  (You can find yesterday's cartoon here too, as well as the day before that and more, if you really need a lot of laughter.)

Who Is Jesus? (189)

Who, in your opinion, is the most outstanding personality of all time?  The greatest leader?  The greatest teacher?  Who has done the most good for mankind?  Who lived the holiest life anyone has ever lived?

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