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Don Sunshine is the Executive Director of Don Sunshine Ministries. He travels the country, ministering primarily in churches. He teaches a "lifestyle evangelism" event called M.A.D. (Make a Difference) and speaks at men's retreats, outreach events, and occasionally fills a pulpit. Don is a certified Walk thru the Bible national instructor for the Old Testament Seminar and does Christian Adventure trips several times a year.
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Living the Mission of God Why should the church be concerned about “mission”? What does “mission” look like?

The answer in both issues is found in the person and work of Jesus - the Son of God incarnate. Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to form, call and gift the church to share in his ongoing ministry, which is fulfilling the Father's mission to the world. In short, the church exists because of, and for God's mission. The church is no mere 'tool' in God's hand, but is called to actively participate – “partner as co-workers” in mission with him.

We are to be disciples – meaning those who not only hear his voice, but actively join with him in the power of the Holy Spirit to live as God’s people on mission with God in the world.
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