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Rev. Eric Helton, Family Pastor

Rev. Eric Helton, Family Pastor
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A La Carte Messages

These are recent/special sermons by our pastors that are not part of other series and sermons by guest speakers.

A New Way to Be Human
June 8—August 17

The band Switchfoot has a song called “A New Way to Be Human.” The song lyrics speak about the power of God to produce the character of God in us:  

There's a new way to be human - It's nothing we've ever been
There's a new way to be human - It's spreading under my skin
There's a new way to be human - Where divinity blends
With a new way to be human - New way to be human

A new you – that’s what the sermon series “A New Way to Be Human” is all about. You'll learn about the life-transforming qualities God wants to cultivate inside you. You'll discover a supernatural agent who empowers you to attain them: the Holy Spirit, working within you. You can live a supernatural life that transforms every relationship you have and in the process discover the one route to a truly satisfying life - “A New Way to Be Human”.

Connecting Heaven to Home
A Sermon Series from the Book of Ephesians
Everybody wants a happy home. Most people want a purposeful home: a home with a mission and destiny beyond the mere satisfaction of our own daily desires. We want homes where each person flowers rather than fades. Trusting in Christ as Savior and orienting your family relations on him transforms the home into a little heaven on earth. Ephesians shows us there is more grace and power for your love under the Lordship of Jesus than anywhere else. He is the foundation of the family connecting heaven to home.
Courageous Discipleship When Jesus asked people to follow him, he wasn’t inviting people on a picnic. He was inviting people into discipleship - a radical reorientation of their lives. Following Christ is a total reorientation of values, affection, priorities, choices and dreams. In this message series we will rediscover the foundational commitment to Jesus for Courageous Discipleship as the Lord and master of our lives.
Secrets of the Heart
CHURCHLIFE In the message CHURCHLIFE we will be exploring what it means to belong to this incredible church - the body of Christ in a very real way. Christ is the foundation upon which the church is anchored but, what does it take to build the church? What kind of community are we establishing? What difference does church membership make in our lives?  Finally, what does it mean to belong to the body of Christ? These are questions we will be addressing together as we consider out community life together in the church.
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