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Faith Sharing Tips

27 April 2014   Speaker:  James McCoy, Youth Minister   Scripture:  1 Peter 3:13-17   Series:  A La Carte Messages
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Sermon Notes

Youth Sunday

Faith Sharing Tips

1. Our ____________ (1 Peter 3:15)
•    The goal of our instruction is _____. (2 Timothy 2:25)
•    Sometimes more ________________ means more pain, so more ________________ is needed.

2. Share the _______, not clever _______________ (Romans 1:16)
•    This is a ____________ battle, not a battle of wits.

3. Be ____________ (1 Peter 5:5)
•    You don’t have to have all the __________.
•    You should have some answers: a defense for the hope that is in you.

4. Be ____________ and ______________ (Matthew 9:37)
•    Some people are not ____________ in the gospel at all and are even violently opposed to it.
•    Some are not open and just want to argue no matter what _______ are presented.
•    Some are _________ with their life and dismiss the Gospel.
•    Some are honestly ___________ for the truth about God.

5. ____________ for them (Matthew 13:18-23)
•    Specifically pray that:
o    The Holy Spirit would convict them of their need for forgiveness.
o    They would be reminded of the truth of the gospel in little ways.
o    You could develop a friendship with them and ask for divine appointments.
o    Other Christians would come into their lives and show them God’s love too.

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