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The Mission: Sharing Christ

22 September 2013   Speaker:  Don Sunshine   Scripture:  Mark 16:15-16   Series:  Living the Mission of God
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Sermon Notes

Today’s Encouraging Word
Pastor Bob Hylton

Guest Speaker: Don Sunshine (Don Sunshine Ministries)

The Mission: Sharing Christ

C&T Core Value

INTEGRITY: The core value of integrity is supported by mutual trust and respect, which encourages unity within the life of the congregation.

Integrity also means that there is a desire for a strong commitment to God and to one another as well as being the best that God designed us to be through excellence.

Getting Back to Basics

1. The first part of God’s Plan is to ____!

A. Why Christians do not go:

1. _________ ________________

2. ___________

3. ________

B. Where shall we go?

2. The second part of God’s plan is ___________.

3. The third part of God’s plan is ___________.

4. The fourth part of God’s plan is ___________.

5. Let’s return to the basics of what Jesus told us to do - _______ ___________!

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