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The Heart of Hope

23 June 2013   Speaker:  Rev. Bob Hylton   Scripture:  Romans 1:1-5   Series:  Real Life/Real Hope
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Sermon Notes

Today’s Encouraging Word
Pastor Bob Hylton

Real Life / Real Hope
Heart of Hope / God Dependence

A Hope We Can Count On

1. A new ________________. (v1-2)

“…since we have been justified through faith”

•    ________ with God.

•    ________ to God.

•    ________ of God.

2. A new ________________. (v3-4)

“…but we also rejoice in our sufferings”

•    Suffering produces ________________.

•    Perseverance produces _____________.

•    Character produces ________.

3. A new ________________. (v5)

    “…hope does not disappoint us”

Our hope is __________ ____________ in God because He has __________ _____ ______ into our hearts through the ________ _________ of the Holy Spirit.

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