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26 April 2015   Speaker:  Rev. Bob Hylton   Scripture:  Matthew 8:23-27; Matthew 8:28-34; Matthew 9:1-8   Series:  Jesus on the Move
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Sermon Notes

Today’s Encouraging Word
Pastor Bob Hylton
April 26, 2015

Jesus on the Move Series

Matthew 8:23-27

Matthew 8:28-34

Matthew 9:1-8

Amazing Authority
Jesus has                                    in the world and he warrants                       from all who follow him.

1.  Jesus has authority                                        .

a. Disciples                     who Jesus really is!

b. Jesus                     and                   them!
2.    Jesus has authority                                     .

a.    Demons                    who Jesus is!

b.    The people respond by                    Jesus!

3.    Jesus has authority                                   .

a.    Pharisees                        about Jesus!

b.    Jesus                and                      sins!

Truth to Take Home
A.    We can                                                   the authority of Jesus.

B.    We can                                               in the authority of Jesus.

C.    We can                                    in the authority of Jesus.
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