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Who Am I? Red Letter Answers! Rev. Bob Hylton
Empty Rev. Bob Hylton
Gospel & Global Issues We are overwhelmed by the characteristics of our world:  prejudice; was; disease; overpopulation; environmental issues; energy shortage; terrorism; economic depression and poverty.  What does God's word say about how we face these challenges?  The Gospel & Global Issues Series will seek to examine the following global issues and apply God's Word to these challenges pressing in on us: Rev. Bob Hylton
Secrets of the Heart Eric Helton, Family Ministry & Community Outreach Pastor
Something to Look Forward To Rev. Bob Hylton
Called James McCoy, Youth Minister
Essentials for Every Christian Rev. Bob Hylton
Advent Season 2016 Rev. Bob Hylton
Finding Freedom in the Gospel of Christ Series Rev. Bob Hylton
Pursuing God Sermon Series Rev. Bob Hylton
Behold the Man - Jesus

Pilate paraded Jesus before the growing crowd and exclaimed, “Behold, the man!” (John. 19:5). Significantly, this very phrase is found in an Old Testament prophecy that heralds the coming of Israel’s Messiah. Behold the Man – Jesus Easter Sermon Series will examine the humanness of the Messiah.

Rev. Bob Hylton
Questions? Eric Helton, Family Ministry & Community Outreach Pastor, James McCoy, Youth Minister, Rev. Bob Hylton
Enjoy Life Rev Daniel Su, Rev. Bob Hylton
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