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The Incarnation

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. The theological word for the birth of Jesus is the word "incarnation.” It means “clothing or state of being clothed with flesh.” As a Christian doctrine it means, "that Jesus, the Son of God, was conceived in the womb of Mary and that Jesus is true God and true man."

Jesus lived as a man among us and that is the greatest news ever. He came to acquaint Himself with difficulty, resist Satan, face temptation, contend with storms, ache with hunger, bear our burdens, and feel our pain.

The incarnation assures us that we don’t have to face life alone. God stepped out of eternity and now He is approachable. God, through Christ, is with us! That’s the incarnation.
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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Christ the Savior John 1:1-5
John 1:14
John 1:18
Luke 2:8-12
Rev. Bob Hylton 22 December 2013
Christ the Light John 1:1-5
John 1:9-10
John 8:12
Rev. Bob Hylton 15 December 2013
Christ the Creator John 1:1-5
John 1:10
Colossians 1:15-20
Rev. Bob Hylton 08 December 2013
Christ the Word John 1:1-5
John 1:9-14
Rev. Bob Hylton 01 December 2013
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