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Courageous Discipleship

When Jesus asked people to follow him, he wasn’t inviting people on a picnic. He was inviting people into discipleship - a radical reorientation of their lives. Following Christ is a total reorientation of values, affection, priorities, choices and dreams. In this message series we will rediscover the foundational commitment to Jesus for Courageous Discipleship as the Lord and master of our lives.
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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Courageous Mission Matthew 28:11-20 Rev. Bob Hylton 05 July 2015
Courageous Death Matthew 16:21-28 Rev. Bob Hylton 28 June 2015
Courageous Faith Matthew 1:18-25 Rev. Bob Hylton 21 June 2015
Courageous Loyalty Matthew 9:9-13 Rev. Bob Hylton 14 June 2015
Courageous Obedience Matthew 4:18-22 Rev. James McCoy, Missional Pastor 07 June 2015
Courageous Commission Matthew 10:24-33 Rev. Bob Hylton 31 May 2015
Courageous Willingness Matthew 10:5-23 Rev. Eric Helton, Family Pastor 24 May 2015
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