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Jesus on the Move

People were amazed at the authority with which Jesus taught the kingdom of Heaven. They were amazed at his grasp of God the Father. But what he did among the people – that was stunningly amazing: he stilled the raging seas, he healed the sick and he revived the dead back to life!

Join in as we continue teaching through the Gospel of Matthew chapters 8-9 in the new series “Jesus on the Move.” We will explore the recorded miracles of Jesus and learn about the power and purpose behind those miracles and how that power is still present in Jesus today.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Messiah Calling Matthew 9:35-38 Rev. Bob Hylton 17 May 2015
Extraordinary Compassion Matthew 9:32-34
Matthew 9:18-26
Matthew 9:22-31
Rev. Bob Hylton 10 May 2015
Battleground Matthew 8:23-27
Matthew 8:28-34
Matthew 9:1-8
Rev. Bob Hylton 26 April 2015
Costly Discipleship Matthew 8:18-22
Matthew 9:9-13
Rev. Bob Hylton 19 April 2015
Divine Encounters Matthew 8:1-17 Rev. Bob Hylton 22 March 2015
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