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On-line Giving

Country & Town Baptist Church is offering its members the ability to give electronically (eGiving). This is a wonderful tool that will help you grow in your walk with Jesus Christ. Now you can give your tithe, give to the building fund, or give an offering at the convenience and privacy of your home computer. You can choose to give: one-time, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or in any way the Lord leads you.

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Questions? FAQ page
Click the eGive button to give a one-time gift to C&T or set up regular recurring commitments to be automatically drafted from your checking account. You may set up a draft to contribute weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or in any fashion you desire.

With online giving, you can...
  • Create one or multiple schedule(s) that fit your lifestyle
  • Edit or Delete any scheduled donation at any time

Many of our members enjoy the convenience of making utility or other payments electronically and now we can give to the Church electronically. This will help us in our giving when we miss a Sunday and help us to prioritize the Church in our finances and be good stewards of what God has entrusted us. It will also help us in being consistent and obedient in keeping with our commitments that we have made to the Lord, both in our tithes and our offerings.

Four benefits to eGiving:

  1. You are taking a step of faith - What does the Bible tell us about giving? When you sign up to eGive you are deciding in advance to faithfully give. God always blesses that kind of faith!
  2. You will simplify your life - You won't have to remember whether you gave this month or need to send in an offering by mail when you are on a trip.
  3. You will be helping the church - Every person who gives through eGive makes our record keeping much easier.
  4. You can focus on the service and God, instead of fumbling with your purse/wallet, pen and checkbook.

This method is safe, secure and you won't have to worry about writing a check each week or mailing an offering when you are away. You can use this online giving method to tithe to the General Fund, give to the Building Fund, contribute to our current missions emphasis, or give towards any other purposes you specify.

Giving online is safe and secure. Whether you want to submit a single donation or would like to set up scheduled giving, you can now do it all online. Still have questions? Click here to see our online giving FAQ page.

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