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Family Worship Guides

If you wish to use these worship guides in their entirety…great. If you wish to use them as a resource or a starting point for your own current family worship…great. This is a tool.  Many more discussion questions could have been added. We just want to help make this time as special as we can by resourcing and equipping you as much as we can to help you in your daily time-sensitive and time-strained days. As for questions that you don’t know the answer, it’s okay to say “I don’t know, but I’ll look it up and answer you tomorrow.”
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Connecting Heaven to Home:

A Sermon Series from the Book of Ephesians

Everybody wants a happy home. Most people want a purposeful home: a home with a mission and destiny beyond the mere satisfaction of our own daily desires. We want homes where each person flowers rather than fades. Trusting in Christ as Savior and orienting your family relations on him transforms the home into a little heaven on earth. Ephesians shows us there is more grace and power for your love under the Lordship of Jesus than anywhere else. He is the foundation of the family connecting heaven to home.
On June 8th, we began the a summer sermon series “A New Way to be Human.” As part of this series, we want to begin equipping the family in their role as the primary source for discipleship in the home stemming from the worship on Sunday. Family worship has been such a lost treasure in the home but can be one of the richest blessings as we have seen in our own home.


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Easter Egg Hunt

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