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About Us

Who are we? We are a church that has a variety of different types of people who appreciate the fact that different people have differing preferences in many areas. Our worship expresses this as we have some people who prefer the more traditional worship experience, complete with organ, anthems, and practical, relevant sermons in a more reserved formal setting. Many enjoy a contemporary experience with praise choruses led by our praise team of vocalists and musicians, in a more casual setting with relevant Biblical preaching that is often mixed with multimedia. The point is....we're a fellowship of 400+ members who are as varied in our worship style as we are united in our love of the Lord. It's important to us that members and visitors feel at ease, no matter what style of worship they prefer. That's why we have two distinctly different worship services every Sunday morning.

Who are we? We are a congregation with many young families and so one of the first things you'll notice are the children. The special needs of families with young children are important to us. We offer a wide variety of programs for children designed to nurture their walk of faith. We have Small Groups that offer help to parents looking for Godly principles of child-rearing. We're a congregation with a thriving youth ministry that seeks to help teens explore ways that they can "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk." We're a congregation of single adults who have found a church home that considers singles to be a vital, important part of the congregation. We're a congregation of folks in mid-life....still active and vitally involved in the activities of the church but also trying to come to grips with the prospect of an "empty nest" on the horizon. We're a congregation of "seasoned adults" busy ministering to each other and the community. We may move a little slower now but we believe that God can still use us and we're ready to answer His call.

We are an autonomous body of believers who have chosen to affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention. In the links on this page, you'll find out more about us. The graphical representations of our Vision Statement and our Mission Statement will give you more insight into what we believe and do. Our history & heritage will also help you get to know us better.

Of course, the best way to get to know us is to come visit us. Our Sunday and weekly schedule provides many opportunities to learn more about our church.

Belief Statement

The Bible is the foundation of what we believe and practice. We have no creed but the Word of God. The following is a summary of the convictions of our faith.

  1. The ultimate source of authority is Jesus Christ the Lord, and every area of life is to be subject to His Lordship.
  2. The Bible as the inspired revelation of God's will and way, made full and complete in the life and teachings of Christ, is our authoritative rule of faith and practice.
  3. Every individual is created in the image of God and therefore merits respect and consideration as a person of infinite dignity and worth.
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History & Heritage

Farmhouse on Slate Hill RoadC&T began in a living room in 1960. Two couples living on nearby Winding Hill Road were enjoying a Bible study together. God put it in their hearts to invite others to join them. Soon it became apparent that an extraordinary thing was happening. A wonderful dynamic of caring developed and the group sought to worship their Lord together. An empty farmhouse on Slate Hill Road was converted for use on Sundays. There were 19 at the first meeting there.

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Our Affiliations

Although we're an autonomous congregation, we have chosen to cooperate with others for the cause of the Kingdom.

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  • Meet Our Staff
    Our Ministers

    We believe that "The Members of our Church are her Ministers." This is so true. We believe that we are a community of priests. What is a priest? One who has the right to approach God directly and the responsibility to serve God personally. God's Spirit equips us to be His ministers one to another.

    We do have vocational ministers to help lead us in the work of the Church. They have been called by the congregation to help us become more effective in our ministry.

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